Thursday, December 16, 2010


H&M shirt dress. Pants from random night market (They are some seriously adorable bloomer shorts and it's grey!Double bonus!). JC Lita in fur. Harness belt from Taiwan. DIY turban-ish headband. Chanel necklace. Bracelets & bangles from random store in KL/H&M/thrifted. Gold watch from HK.

In case if you are wondering, this is the same shirt dress as
seen here
, I used the belt to hold the lower part of the shirt back to create the opening. So, say hello to my white bunnies! Aren't they beautiful? Some may have seen it earlier when I tweeted a picture of it. Well, obviously I was in awe when I saw them up front(Btw,all the doubts about them getting dirty went away instantly) cause the hair on them are incredible, they feel and look exactly like pony hair! Now I'll have to be sure to wear them only to the right places and make sure they stays white for as long as possible! Alright, gotta run... Gonna get my hair done today, I'm thinking gingerish orange. Have a great day! xxx


vogueish said...

i had never seen white litas on nyone and must say you look great in them...those bloomers are tres cute...
btw gingerish orange seems quite daring...hope to see it soon:)

mikala said...

you look awesome! white lita boots are gorgeous! great photos!

greetings from