Saturday, December 25, 2010


Smiles for Christmas! **Thought it was funny cause my bag is so huge it reminded me of Santa's bag!
Topshop top, shorts, stockings, thigh high and spike bracelet. JC Lita. Chanel bag. Victoria Secret Santa hat.

Hey lovers! Happy superly merrily Christmas! This has got to be the best festival of the year. Quick update, so this was what I wore on Christmas eve, didn't know it was a complete Topshop post till 5 seconds ago. This ultra short high-waisted pant has been on my must-have list since a long time ago, so I was stoked to see one when I wondered into Topshop looking for presents for my family(Gotta stop doing that). So, most might know I cut into my first Turkey last night and damn was it good! Gonna make sure I have one every year now. Alright, you guys ought to get back to your love ones. Have a great weekend, lover! Merry Christmas!! xxx

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Kitschmoog said...

Excellent look - those thigh high socks are perfect with the top , shorts and boots ! very cute and stylish.