Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Top from Bali. Topshop faux leather pants. JC Clinic. Necklaces from Asos/Beijing. Bracelet and bangles from random store - KL/thrifted. Gold watch from HK.

This top has got to be one of the baddest thing I own and it's from Bali which I absolutely love, so this is where all the designer's been hiding out! Hmm... I should try wearing this top the other way round or maybe not, what do you think of the flap being in front? Hahaha... So this fluorescent beads with tooth necklace is the only thing to arrive from Asos. Where is everything else?? =( However I choose to believe that they will arrive sometime before the 20th, like they promised when we tweeted earlier this week. So lover, with Christmas right around the corner, are you done with all your Christmas shopping(for both yourself and your love ones)? Don't the jingling in all the Christmas tunes makes shopping so much more enjoyable.
Oh btw, something did arrive in the mail today, an early Christmas present for yours truly, hint: it's tall, it's white and it's furry! Stay tuned cause I'll be sharing it on my next post! xxx


mikala said...

wooow! great idea with this top! I love your leather pants and shoes!

greetings from

Isabel Spectre said...

yet another stunning look.. the top is especially amazing!
I hope you get the rest of your things in the mail ^-^