Thursday, December 30, 2010


Very old checkered shirt (so old, I don't remember where I got them). Asos tutu skirt. Uniqlo gray socks. JC Lita. DIY feather headband. F21 rings. Gold watch from HK.

Finally found my ideal tutu skirt that I absolutely love! Everytime I put on something with so much fabric to play with, especially when it's made puffy, I tend to walk with an extra bounce in my steps! Must be my lucky day when I bought this cause it's out of stock almost right after I added the last size 4 to my bag, think I snatched the last piece? Oh and this is my first time wearing make up from Urban Decay (Christmas gift from sister), it may too shiny for Asian skin tone, they made my eyes appear puffy.. I don't know, still experimenting with it, for those on my Twitter would have seen the box, it's quite a huge one! Thanks sis! You may be wondering what kind of crazy color my hair is, I honestly don't know, it's faded to a shade of light orange, pink, white and brown.. If you know the name of the color, do share!
Alright, lovers... Have a wonderful holiday (despite the heavy snowfall for my American & European lovers out there, I sincerely hope that everything will be back to the norm for your guys very soon)!! xxx

P.S. Huge thanks to stylecaster, I'm being featured on GAP 1969 which you can see here. Made my day super special!

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Kitschmoog said...

Love totaly your look however here ! Lita are perfect shoes , so stylish and cute ! Nice combo !