Saturday, December 18, 2010


Dude and the Duchess shirt. Pants from Taiwan. Melissa gold glitter shoe. Random velvet fabric used as bow tie. Vintage Gianfranco Ferrè bag. Customized two tone shades from these babies. Gold watch from HK. Rings from F21.

According to most people, this is by far the craziest hair color they have seen on me and I thought nothing's gonna top my platinum white phase. Guess I was wrong... The color actually freaked me out a little when I saw my stylist slapping them on. That bright orange was suppose to be a copperish tone(on normal hair color, I guess), but my previous hair color was too white(or so to speak) so the orange pigment just stuck on like glue, but meh... It's starting to grow on me and I think it's pretty nice as long as I keep my face plain and simple, no pink lips for the time being. So here is the crazy awesome two tone shades I tweeted earlier this week, which was customize from my nerd glasses. This has got to be one of my finest idea! Now I'm in love! Ahh... and this pair of super duper old glitter shoe, if memory serves me right, this is my first pair of Melissa shoe, in fact during last year's pre-cny cleaning, I almost threw them away which
now I thank god I did not, seeing how glitter is making such a huge comeback, or maybe it's just me, sparkly Christmas ornaments tend to do something to me. My love for this amazing festive season. Alright lovers, have an awesome weekend. xxx

Edit*** I received many mails from my Malaysian readers regarding my JC Lita. For those dying to get their hands on a pair, I bring great news! A friend is visiting from the states in a month or so. Feel free to drop me an email for pre-order! However, I am taking limited orders, so hurry!! Ciao!

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Jennifer said...

love the color on you! :) takes your style on a whole other level