Monday, December 20, 2010


H&M top as seen here, worn backwards. Topshop skirt. JC Lita. Vintage Gianfranco Ferre bag as seen here used as clutch. Bowler hat from Taiwan. Cuff & bangles from Shanghai/thrifted.

It's amazing how the same top can look so
different when it's worn backwards. I guess those awkwardly high neck line gives the whole look a Victorian vibe which I love.
So, who is super duper excited that Christmas is only four days away? *Both hands flailing in the air* Haha.. Overly excited, I know.. Christmas brings out cuckoo kid in me! Sad news are my parcels from Asos have yet to arrive. I'm begging for a Christmas miracle, you hear me, Santa? I'm thinking maybe tomorrow, pretty please! *sigh* Well, as you can see my orange hair is starting to fade too, it's a sad sad moment for me. But I will get over it in a minute, all the Christmas spirit makes everything too beautiful to stay sad! xxx

P.S. Be warned my lovers, the next couple of posts are gonna sound like it's written by a 1 year old waiting for her first Christmas. Please ignore them if you find them unbearable! =D

P.P.S. I have decided to take up ONLY 6 pre-orders for JC Lita, I've already received 2 orders, so there is 4 left! So hurry up and drop me a mail!!


Anonymous said...

I think you should enlarge your font. It's pretty difficult to read

NYane&Mpho said...

You are too cool!!