Thursday, September 23, 2010


Zara fluorescent yellow top. No brand orange tube worn as skirt. DIY white MickeyMouse tank. Shades & wedges from Taiwan. Bangles & bracelet from H&M/KL. Necklace from Boulevard-SG, Parisian label - Clash.

Time to break some rules by putting together an outfit that is far from the "must-wear" fall color palette. Guess I'm getting a little tired of looking at all the different shades of camel and tan tones.
So, this weekend will be my birthday and may I add, fuck I'm old! It'll be my big two six! I use to be one to say meh... Age is overrated, they're just a couple of digits but seriously it's a whole different story when you know that you'll no longer be checking the "18 to 25" but the "26 to 31" age group, it's sucks! Especially when I still feels like a 17, is it a bad thing that I still wanna check the "18 and below" just because I think I'm 17? Gosh, now I'm starting to sound like some mad bag lady! Nuff of my crazy talk, now to the good news, I'm celebrating my birthday by treating myself to a Herve leger! YAY...! This will definitely make me an extremely happy 26! xxx


Melai said...

Love your necklace :)

Melai of Style and Soul

mikala said...

beautifull pictures, I love your necklace, shoes and color of your today outfit, great look!