Monday, September 27, 2010


Cotton On black slip. Topshop sheer maxi skirt. Warehouse leopard print scarf. Harness belt from Taiwan. Jeffrey Campbell Clinic. Ring from F21.

I took these pictures sometime last week but haven't gotten around to editing and posting them. For those who follows my blog would know from my previous posts, I've been slacking cause it was my birthday. It was sweet cause I spent it with my family at the amazing Korean place. Oh my undying love for Kimchi! AND I picked up my omfg wonderful JC Lita, they are seriously amazing, not the least bit overrated, I love pregnant looking shoes. Can't wait to wear them and show it to you guys.


Mici Milovaného said...

I adore that skirt! sexy outfit!!

Mariloé said...

wooow. first of all i love your boots!!! And your skirt is so adorable <3

mikala said...

gorgeous outfit, I love your maxi skirt, it's stunning!

greetings from

Anna said...

Oooh I love this look, and congrats on getting ur pregnant shoes!


inkarlcerating said...

wow!! =p