Saturday, September 4, 2010


Very old linen tunic from Esprit. H&M skirt. DIY leopard prints headband. Aldo heels. Necklace from random store in KL. Bracelets from HK/SH.

With everyone listing down their must-have Fall staples. I notice sequins are (if ever really gone) making another comeback. So, this is what I paired it with to dress it down a notch, a linen tunic. Seeing how there is no way in hell for me to wear shearling jackets or heavy knits, I will have to improvise with what I can wear and has! By the way, I just received news from Solestruck that my Lita's has finally arrived and ready to be shipped on Tuesday...YAY!! All the outfits I have in mind to wear with it! But at the meantime to keep myself happy, I bought a new pair of shoes, yes I may be very broke and no it's never wrong to splurge on something cheap. Which I will wear in the next post. Alright lovers, have a great weekend! xxx


Catherine Catarina Au Jong said...


lolo dahling said...

I LOVE this look! The sequins and linen seem effortless!!

mikala said...

gorgeous look, skirt is amazing and shoes is awesome! Stunning!

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betsie said...

this skirt is amazing, very striking indeed . great blog- you have a new follower ;)

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