Monday, September 20, 2010


Old U2 white shirt. Zara knit dress. Mum's leather weave belt. Vintage bolo tie. Gray thigh high from Sox world. Topshop wisteria wedges. DIY headband.

Please don't mind the 3rd picture, I know it's lame and posey too but it's the only one of my front profile. So, it's been gloomy these past couple of days, waking up to the sound of rain has been hell for me. However, I did jumped at this opportunity to create my Fall-ish ensemble(fyi, we only have summer throughout the year), so I braved the heat and layered knits over a shirt, which is totally enough to cause one to have a heatstroke on normal days. And oh yes, I've been on a bit of a shoe craze lately and this is my new pair of Wisteria, unbelievably comfortable despite it's height. Now I will just have to wait to be united with my JC Lita which has already arrived in Singapore awaiting for me to pick them up! So close yet so far...! But I am excited... Weee!!

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Julia said...

Adoring your blog! Found you via Lookbook -- you have incredible stule and beauty. You've got some gorgeous photos, too -- would you like to trade links? Check out our blog at I'm Julia!