Thursday, September 9, 2010


Lover's shirt and tie. House of Holland tights. Charles & Keith shoes with DIY chains. Floppy wool hat from Eclipse. Necklace worn as bracelets and cuffs from KL.

This floppy hat is my latest buy, it's made for me cause it's smaller than the usual floppy hats you see and cause of my small frame most floppy hats are too huge for me, so now that I own this, I'm gonna live in it for a while(Great cover up cause I'm trying to grow out my hair and it's everywhere... really!). With all the hypes on Twitterville for NYFW, it's getting me really pumped up too hence having the urge to pack my clothes and hop onto the next cab to the airport for nothing... Alright, now I'm gonna go lie down and weep! However, I will be following my twitter religiously from now on for the latest updates! Ciao.. xxx

P.S. To all my Muslim readers, Selamat Hari Raya and have an awesome weekend!


Catherine Catarina Au Jong said...

very cute >.<


mikala said...

GORGEOUS! Black & white pictures are stunning! I love this outfit! Tight and hat is awesome!

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