Monday, September 13, 2010


Zara floral chiffon top. True Religion flare jeans. Brother's leather weave belt. Aldo Shoes. DIY feather headband coming soon to blogshop. Bangles & cuffs from H&M/Topshop/thrifted. Ring from F21.

Over the weekend I came up with a couple of DIYs (whilst catching up on all the latest and juiciest NYFW updates from Twitter) to put up in my blogshop(Sorry for the uber delay but the freaking credit card is taking too damn long to come through, farking bank, heard of efficiency??) btw, this headband is one of it. I fell in love with the long feather but realize it would be an inconvenience to wear as earring, so this is what I came up with, it still hang from behind one ear and looks like an earring, meh.. you get the idea. =)
Boy am I stoked to see Rumi
sporting a similar feather headband as the one I DIY earlier, I wonder where she got her's. Okay lovers, I'm gonna go scream at someone from the bank now! Ciao... xxx


Melai said...

Love your top and accessories :)

Melai of Style and Soul

ARA said...

You look beautiful. Love the blouse.xx

mikala said...

gorgeous look, I like jeans and shirt!


mikala said...
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betsie said...

this is lovely, you pull the look off so effortlessly :) .

i like the flared jeans .

betsie. x

Bub said...

You look gorgeous hun, I love this boho chic!

Charlotte said...

You look stunning. Love your blog!

pj said...

u look great in jeans!