Monday, July 5, 2010


Cotton On bralette, altered to fit. Very old fishnet cardigan from Sass&Bide. Tribal leggings from Graniph. Shoes from Aldo.
Bangles and cuffs from thrifted/gifted/topshop. Rings from F21/Beijing.

This is probably one of the worst shoot I have ever done. Please bear with the horrible poses and low picture quality for just another week. I am exhausted from all the late night world cup games. My complexion has gone from average to terrible. All for the world cup! I blame TiC for suddenly getting me all hyped up for the world cup ever since their interview done here.For those who knows me would know that I was never a football person, I could never understand why are all these men running after one ball when they can all just buy one for themselves. However, ever since that interview I did, they got me caught up in the whole football fever despite the horrendous defeats of all my favorite countries. Well, it's just another week lovers, just one more week and I promise to be back with my 100%. xxx

P.S. Btw TiC, I'm just kidding... I could never hate you guys! Those are just words of a sleep-deprived blogger. =)

**I just have to add, now that I look at this post, the outfit may have been unintentionally inspired by the world cup, see the whole South African tribal thing. Yeehaa! *Loud blaring of vuvuzelas!*


Bub said...

Ok wow those leggings are amazing!!! Very daring outfit dear, you certainly can pull it off

helen said...

Wow love this look. U look great in this outfit! The legging is amazing!
I follow you!!!!
xx Helen

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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