Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Mum's blouse worn as dress. Brother's belt. Use to be mum's Bally bag, now mine. Uniqlo socks. Topshop heels. Boater hat from Taiwan.
Bracelets and bangles from HK/Shanghai/Topshop/Thrifted. Rings from F21/Beijing.

There are times when I get sick from looking at the same pile of clothes, so boring that they're no longer inspiring. So last weekend I decided to raid my mum's and brother's wardrobe instead and it was a lot of fun playing with new clothes that aren't the right sizes,so I managed to put together 2 outfits, this is one and the other will be on my next post. So stay tune. Now go raid your mum, dad, brother or boyfriends wardrobe... They might surprise you! xxx


Meg! said...

I love this SO MUCH. The lacy sleeves, the socks, the low-slung belt and those SHOES! Sorry to gush, but I am really adoring this outfit. So inspiring, girl!

Holly said...

Awesome women's clothing choices! The socks finish it off nicely - I love UNIQLO socks for their comfort and the sheer fact that you can have them in ANY colour!