Sunday, July 25, 2010


Topshop top, bow brooch and stockings. Tube worn as skirt from TiC flea market. Aldo heels. Zara belt. Random piece of fabric as headband. Bangles from HK/Shanghai/thrifted.

All my amazing sisters are home and I am extremely happy!!! Having lots of crazy fun talking about my sister's upcoming wedding are simply blissful, therefore I may neglect my blog a wee bit and post a day or two later! Kays??! Have an awesome weekend, lovers!


Joanna Ladrido said...

you are rocking that velvet skirt so well! you are amazing!


MariloƩ said...

GOSH girl you are soo amazing! very stylish and beautiful.
I really like your blog.
Marina of

pj said...

the big square thing on yr wrist.. is that a watch? nice :)

Mel O said...

Yea...! It's a gold watch from one of those many little stores they have in HongKong!

Anonymous said...

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