Saturday, July 31, 2010


CottonOn bralette, altered to fit. Floral shorts from a gazillion years ago, found it under a pile of dirty old junk. Jacket and belt "stolen" from brother. JC Clinic shoe. Bracelets & bangles from Shanghai/thrifted/HK/Topshop. Rings from F21/Beijing.

When I had these pictures taken, I had one of my strangest encounter, it is by far my scariest photo shoot experience. At the beginning it was still ok, however if you notice on the last few pictures, I am only face towards my right. Cause half way through the shoot, this scary freak of nature pulled up to observe what we were doing, which was alright cause I have had my fair share of weird and curious glances. But no, he started laughing to me, not in the "I think she is weird" way, but it was more of creepy sleazy way! It may not sound scary now, but believe me.. Everytime I looked his way, I could feel him raping me with those scary eyes. It still gives me the creep to think of it now! Worst part is, I really like that place, but now I am afraid to go back. =( Maybe next time, I should go back with a baseball bat! Do share with me how have u dealt with people like that?

So this is my 2nd outfit, now I'm only wearing my brother's stuff and the pants belong to my second sisters back back in her teens, I think it's pretty neat, don't you think? I cinched the oversized pant to create the paper bag high waist and I cuffed the pants cause it was too long. Have a great weekend! xxx

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mikala said...

great outfit, I love your blog is amazing!

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