Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Bowler hat, glasses and harem pant from Taiwan. Topshop cropped top. H&M shoes. Rings from Beijing/F21.

It was fate how I came across this amazing top in SG Topshop. It was my last day and I was quite done with shopping. So as I was standing around waiting for my sister to pay for her stuff. This top was miserably rolled up and forced inside a tiny cabinet that holds accessories, obviously the work of some unethical shoppers who decided to not buy it anymore. Well, her lost cause once I saw the top I did my little mental check test, grey sweat - check, cropped - check, khaki detail on shoulder and back - check, last but not least shoulder pads- check! I instantly knew I had to get it, seeing how cropped tops are making a huge comeback!
Most people might not see clothes like I do, they can be a very emotional thing to me (which will be very obvious after reading this post), so you can imagine how happy I was when my mental check tests
checks out perfect, to be honest I had an idiotic grin on my face! Anywayz, it was the perfect simple top I needed! So it led me to think it was fate at work cause during my umpteenth visits to Topshop, I didn't see this hanging anywhere but in the last min, it just popped up and made my everything perfect! xxx


Melai said...

I love your pants :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Anonymous said...

you are amazing and your blog is amazing!
i'm totally adding you to my blogroll!


the manxcat.