Thursday, July 15, 2010


Cotton On bodysuit. Shorts from random market. Topman shirt. Glasses and shoes from Taiwan. DIY headband. Bangles from H&M/thrifted/random store in KL.

This is what I wore on movie night with my family. We watched it's so FLUFFY!! Alright, it's "Despicable Me" and may I say Oh my gawd, that baby girl is dangerously adorable, she can melt your heart! So cute, you can die! It's a must-see if you are up for some laughs.
So I'm trying something very weird here(to most, I suppose), it's a leotard that fits me! See me, see Nacho Libre? Si? Well, the headband is actually the leftovers from a maxi dress I had altered to fit. I think it's makes a pretty awesome headband. Gonna have more DIYs coming, bought some of feathers recently and I'm thinking hippie headbands and earring.So stay tune! xxx

P.S. Recently I've been caught up in the whole JC Lita craze, so I caved and ordered myself a pair! Now I'll just have to mark my calendar and anxiously wait for them to arrive!


befashionlike said...

BEAUTIFUL AND sexy if you want to be featured on my blog send me a mail please

Anonymous said...

Hey cutie! Love your outfits. Just curious, but what's your height? I'm pretty petite myself so it's nice to see hot, stylish petite chicks out there.

Mel O said...

Befashionlike, mail sent! xxx

Hello anonymous!Well, when I say petite I am really petite, I'm 5'05"... Very mini eh! =P

Anonymous said...

Oh cool! We're the exact same height. Well, if that equals to around 153cm. Your cool points just rose.
We're fun sized.

kenya meon said...

I've never seen this done but I absolutely love it!