Saturday, July 17, 2010


H&M top and jacket. Guess pants. Aldo boots. DIY cross earring and leather fingerless glove. F21 rings.

I have always been in love with Balmain SS10, I mean, who hasn't?? So after seeing Denni in her Balmania post here. I just had to recreate my own version, seeing I will never ever own one of their amazing jacket. I'm happily settling on this H&M, my Balmain wannabe. However, now I am looking for a great pair of red leather pants, as seen in Balmain fw10 collection, those are just, may I just say "Oh My Gawd"! Think I'm exaggerating, go have a look at my twitter, I'll post a picture there. Now to all my lovers, have a great weekend! xxx

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Catie Beatty said...

Love love love this. So chic.