Wednesday, March 23, 2011


DKNY oversized tank. Asos mesh bodysuit. Fur skirt. House of Holland thigh high. PedderRed shearling shoes. Asos ring.

Hey lovers, I know I've been MIA and neglecting my blog, it was due to some health issues and random other things that came up but don't give up on me just yet. Well, I'm back and I will try to keep up with my blog posts. Anyhow, I still have plenty of new items to share with you lovers, I have more of these two tone shades made, some rounded vintage shades(think John Lennon), also a pair of 6' killer bootie(Think Marni's chunky platform heels), black with blue tip faux fur tail for bags or used as denim accessory, this is just a tiny part of my collection, so can't wait to officially set up my blogshop. Hopefully soonish, once I work out all the HTML bullsh*t. * fingers-crossed* Yea, I'm an IT idiot. A rather huge one! Haha.. My next couple of post should feature the 6' heels, so stay tune! xxx

P.S. For those are are interested in this perfect little furry skirt, do drop me an email at for further inquiries. Cheers!


Kalina said...

awesome look, I love the tights and colors!

greetings from

Anonymous said...

Amazing outfit. Those house of holland garters + tights are amazing