Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Pull & Bear mustard top. Zara red leather skirt. Asos brown belt. Irregular Choice wedge. Gifted leather cuff. Necklace from ShoeShoeShoe. Vintage shades.

Since forever I've been searching for something in red leather, a leather jacket, short or long pants,(Btw, I'm still looking for a patent red leggings, do share if you come across something like that!) and to stumble upon this gorgeous real leather skirt, I knew I had to get it even if it's gonna put a rather huge dent to my wallet! Completely overpriced for Zara but evil them probably already know cuckoo people like myself will buy it anyhow.
And look what I have here... Proud to present you this vintage inspired shades ala John Lennon, I was so stoked when I saw these babies.. But honestly with only one pair of eyes, I don't know how am I gonna wear all these shades! Must be a girl thing cause we can never get enough of something, especially when it's this gooood. Super cute eh! O-O Haha! Alright lovers, I promise to come up with my blogshop soon, cause it must be frustrating to have to wait post by post to see what I have in store for you. Have a great week, ciao! xxx

P.S. For those are are interested in these round shades, do drop me an email at itsnotalwaysaboutheight@gmail.com for further inquiries. It comes in black and brown... Cheers!
P.P.S. I'm starting to realize why I unintentionally named my blog "I", cause I totally abuses the word 'I', in this post alone I think it came close to 20 'I's and trust me, I've been using it sparingly.


Bub said...

I love this color-blocking!

One Love,

Fashion Agony said...

Gorgeous colors!


Ria said...

I too have been on a crazy hunt for red leather. Everything I manage to find is too expensive for me. :/

Corie said...

Girl your style so crazy hot...I'm definitely a fan!


Tina said...

Long time lurker but first time commenter..
Love your blog and your unique style and this outfit is no exception!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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