Tuesday, March 8, 2011


American Apparel mesh dress. Cotton On bralette(altered to fit). DIY collar. Topshop pants. Melissa glitter shoe. Glasses from Taiwan. Rings from Asos/F21. Gifted cuff from brother.

Greeting my lovelies! Miss me much? I'm feeling fresher than ever hence the need to post my close-to-bare face(only tinted sunblock and eye brow pencil, true story) to start off "I" one year old, I usually use quite a bit of make up but I thought meh.. Why not try something different this time, scary? Hahaha! So, over the weekend to celebrate baby blog's birthday, me and my beloved photographer aka boyfriend (huge XOXOs to him, cause without him, this blog wouldn't happen) treated our self to 2 bottles of red wine and shared 3 portion of steaks! Crazy! I know.. But it was all worthwhile.
The giveaway ended today and the lucky winner is Ria, who has amazing style and I can't wait to see her rock that accessory! As for the rest of the participants, don't loose hope cause I will have more giveaways coming up! Thanks for all the comments, glad to know that my relentless outfit posts aren't boring or scaring you away! For one final time, I really am grateful to you guys for making my blog mean something! Thank you! xxx


Isabel Spectre said...

You look great here! I love your pants especially.. Congrats to Ria! And congrats to you for an amazing blog!


Kalina said...

you look great like always, you are stunning!

greetings from

crystal glamour said...

love your look!

I'm your new follower
will you follow me back please? :)


Joey said...

Great outfit! Just the right amount of sexiness. That DIY collar is ingenious!

Panda said...

Great outfit, I always love the masculin style but with something sexy!