Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Topshop mesh kimono and black dress. Customized two toned shades. Uniqlo socks. JC Litas. Aldo's bracelet. F21 ring.

Yes... Yes... Yes... It's yet another new piece added to my already exploding wardrobe but hear me out, so I've been searching for a kimono-esque piece since forever so naturally I was super happy to find this hanging off the 70% discount rack in Topshop, knew I have to get it cause it's mesh(a fabric I can't do without), it looks vintage and it's on 70% discount! Gotten myself a size 8 so it'll look extra slouchy, can't wait to pair them with flare jeans, maxi skirts and denim cut off! The weather has been under the weather lately(lame me.. haha!), one min it's sunny & hot then crazy windy the next, see how it's making my kimono dance..
Updates regarding the giveaway, to make it super special, I will come up with a prototype of the DIY and post pictures of ways to wear it before 5th Mar 2011(the day my blog turns 1) =D, then on the day itself after I pick a winner, the winner will get to choose the color of the feathers themselves! Sweet?? So be sure to check back frequently for that special post! xxx


fashion.gossipmk said...

Amazing shoes!!
Xoxo, K.

Under the Spell said...

love that color lita, I haven't really seen that particular color anywhere, & also your kimono is gorgeous.

Affair with my Closet said...

Hi girl!!! Your blog is amazing. Yours outfit is very nice. I'm you fan and following you. I'm from Brasil and i hope your visit in my blog when you can. Kisses from Brasil

Ria said...

I think you made an awesome purchase, and who can beat 70% off. Loving your shades too.

mikala said...

great look! I love your shoes!

greetings from

Isabel Spectre said...

cant wait for the giveaway!
Your kimono is so stunning! You always look amazing :)