Wednesday, March 2, 2011


In merely 3 days(or 4 depending on where you are from) my baby, "I" is gonna turn 1. So, this is the DIY piece I've mentioned earlier, it's a give-away to show my appreciation for all the kind support and comments I have received over the year (To those who are confused,just backtrack a couple of posts and you'll understand this give-away better).
So this is the prototype, as you can see in the first picture, I used a long white feather on one end and two shorter black & red ones on the other(I'm tacky that way) whereas the long orange and shorter light brown are other options for you to choose from if you would prefer to replace the colors. This is a very special moment for me therefore I will try my very best to make this giveaway super special for you too!
From the GIF you can see the 6 different ways to wear this, most are pretty much self-explanatory except one, it's this hairtie thing a la gorgeous Karen in this post
of hers. Which my pixie cut won't allow, so I had to improvise! =)

Now, let the fun begin. Step 1) Follow and say Hi to me on Twitter! 2)Leave a comment below telling me if you are sick of outfit posts? If so, what more would you like to see on my blog. Comprende? Contest ends after the birthday! Remember to leave your name and email address at the end! Good luck! xxx

Giveaway ended on 8th March 2011.
Don't loose hope lovers, stay tuned for more giveaway in the near future! Thank you for participating!

Congratulations, Ria! You will hear from me shortly! I'm very sure you will rock this accessory well!

**There are only 7 participants, I start counting after Desiree since she isn't entering.


Desiree said...

Hello, first of all, I just wanted to say that I think the DIY feather thing is so creative!

I'm not entering the giveaway, but I think that you should continue with the outfit posts. I really do enjoy looking at them! Keep it up!


Kalina said...

beautiful necklace! you look stunning with this!

greetings from

Joey said...

Beautiful! You're really talented! Love how it can be worn in so many ways.

1) I've followed you on Twitter @everydayoutfits
2) Not sick at all! The reason I follow you is Because of your outfit posts. Love it! But if you're looking for variety, perhaps you can do some tutorial posts? Just a suggestion :)

Name: Joey

Isabel Spectre said...

Your outfit posts are so good! Please don't stop! I love them! You always look amazing, and you inspire me a lot!

aaand now I am following you on twitter!

I love, love, love the feather accessory! eep <3

Ria said...

Never ever sick of your outfit posts. I follow you on twitter via @riamichelle

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog about a week ago and I loveeee it! You have such amazing style it is very inspirational to me! I don't think you should change anything about your blog! Maybe if you have a lot of fashion DIY's you can make posts about how to do them :)
<3 Becky

Danielle said...

I absolutely love love love love your blog and I love all your outfit posts, they're really so unique and you look abosolutely stunning <3


Yi Peng said...

The whole attraction would be viewing your outfit posts! Don't ever stop.