Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Thrifted knits. Topshop high-waisted leggings. Senso sage boots. F21 bowler hat. Asos Faux saber tooth necklace. Chain necklace from KL. Rings from F21/Asos.

Good news for you and myself, I finally finished making the accessory(phew) and I promise to post pictures soon! I found 6 different ways to wear them, as a short necklace, super long necklace, headband, hip belt, denim accessory or even as a hair tie! I hope you are as excited as I am now cause obviously the sky is the limit for this thing, what should we call it, "Fleather wonders"? Haha!
So this bowler hat is a new member to my hat collection, for some reason my face looks 10xs bigger with it on and someone actually said that I look ill and bold! Am I wearing it wrong or is it just not for my face shape? Help! xxx


Isabel Spectre said...

yeeay! I am excited to see all the ways for the accessory :)
I think the hat looks good! hmm..


Jessica said...

your knit makes me drool seriously!
love your style!
and your hair is so edgy!


Kalina said...

you look amazing! I love your sweater, it's perfect!

greetings from

Vee said...

the shade of that necklace totally makes any day brighter! love it!

Sarah said...

Love your blog! I'm following now :)

Check out mine:

stylebylinnea said...

I really adore your style! you rock.