Saturday, August 28, 2010


American Apparel Mesh Dress worn as top. Topshop skirt. DIY white collar & bandeau. Uniqlo gray socks. Christian Louboutin shoes, "stolen" from sister. Rings from F21.Vintage inspired shades coming soon to my blogshop.

Today is officially the beginning of my long weekend(4 days to be exact), so I will be away for a couple of days and I might miss one or two posts. A girl needs her break, but I do have one post stored aside, so when I will upload them when I have access to the internet! Ciao ciao, lovers! Have a great weekend! xxx

P.S. I will also make use of this looong weekend to create more DIYs to put up in my "soon-to-launch-blogshop". Once again, many thanks to Stylecaster for this awesome feature!


Bub said...

WOWW!! I love your glasses and your outfit, totally chic dear! You look awesome all the time!
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DaisyLine said...

Hi :D it's my first time visiting your blog :) LB - i found you there :)
great pics and very nice outfits :)
hope to see u in my blog :)
DaisyLine from

Anonymous said...

ohmyGAWD im staring at the Louboutins. i can see a hint of the red soles. killmenow.

Crystal said...

Love this look! I always have a hard time wearing all black or grey but I think that white collar adds a nice POP to the look that I adore.

PJ said...

this is cute. and also like yr "youmakemeloco" look :)