Monday, August 16, 2010


Very old Mickey Mouse tank. Self tie skirt made from random shawl. Obi belt from Robinson. Uniqlo socks. Aldo heels. Bangles from Shanghai/Koh Samui/KL/thrifted.Vintage inspired shades coming soon in my blogshop!

The skirt is another A.Wang inspired piece, ever since seeing Abbey Lee in the resort10 lookbook, I knew I had to recreate the look. (A.Wang, you must really hate me now but just so you know, I'm only inspired by THE best!) However, this skirt isn't really practical, the opening in the middle kept riding up higher and higher as I walk, note to self, I will have to secure it the next time with a tape or sew it together to prevent flashing my hoo-ha. So, this shades are another one of my awesome find, they are extremely adorable cause you can actually lift up the top tinted lens when you are indoor, cause the tinting on the shades are very dark and when I say very dark I meant being literally blind when I was indoor, so it can be very dangerous for one who wears killer heels.
Being the horrible procrastinator that I am, I failed myself again! I wasted my whole weekend indulging in wine, chocolate, lots of meat and Nip/Tuck... No DIY nor starting of my blogshop. Boohoo to me, lazy - 12390983, me- 0! Sigh! I hope, no... I will start my DIYs very soon in order to post some stuff up for sale in my blogshop! Sorry to be such a disappointment to those looking forward to my shop! xxx


Bub said...

WOW! I love your vintage glasses! You look hot girl!

Fashion UK said...

Lovely outfit - your socks look surprisingly cool with your shoes.

mikala said...

You look gorgeous! Pictures are amazing, I love it! The skirt is awesome! This outfit is stunning!

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Melai said...

Love this. You're hot as always :)

Melai of Style and Soul