Monday, August 9, 2010


No brand body tube turned bandeau. Harness belt from Taiwan. Sass & Bide top. Topshop high waisted leggings. Jeffrey Campbell Clinic wedge.
Bracelets & bangles from Shanghai/H&M/KL.

This is a wonderful place my photog discovered, which screams for photos overload hence 9 freaking pictures in one post, but it's beautiful, don't you agree?? =)
So, this was what I wore last weekend for a rather crazy night out on the town. I don't really enjoy partying too much anymore cause hangovers just ain't worth it! However I tend to always, never failing to enjoy a little too much every single time and regretting the following day when I'm puking my guts out. A very vicious cycle, I tell you. So, how did the rest of you lovers spent your weekend? I hope it was a blast! xxx

P.S. Oh yes! I re-did my hair last Friday! This time a darker shade of gray compared to my previous color.
P.P.S. I promise to lock these JC babies up for a while, I'm sure many of you are repulsed by the sight of it! Just proves how amazing they really are!!


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mikala said...

beauty pictures, I love this outfit!

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Head to Toes said...

I have never seen somebody rock gray hair as well as you!

Mild Sauce said...

in love with this look!

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Love it!