Saturday, August 21, 2010


Guess corset-like top(worn inside). Topshop corset (worn the other way round). No brand long crochet vest "stolen" from sister. Leather weave belt "stolen" from brother. A|X cutoff. Aldo shoes. Cuff and bracelets from SH/thrifted/gift. DIY feather headband coming soon to my blogshop.

So as you can see from all my recent posts, I am finally making a HUGE effort to change and made use of my materials to create all these DIYs to put up in my blogshop. But who knew it can be so much hassle setting up a blogshop. Partially cause I don't own a credit card, big surprise? Well, it's only good that I do not have one seeing how I'm a very spontaneous shopper(But I really am not much of a spontaneous person, infact I hate anything spontaneous, the irony eh). Anyhoo, not owning a credit card means no paypal account. But I'll get one soon. I promise! However at the meantime, just keep tabs on the thing you like! Have a good weekend, lovers! xxx

P.S. You may contact me via email for special orders. I will do my best to cater to all the requests.


MissElizabeth said...

I've come across your blog via Chictopia and I thouhgt your style was great and yes indeed spontaneous!

I'm am now following on Bloglovin so would be nice if you returned the favour. Your blog is really good and I strongly advise that you do get a credit card so that you can have a paypal, its so much easier! Trust me :)

My blog isn't great i'm still getting used to it all so bare with me on the quality of it!

Yours, Elizabeth.

mikala said...

you look awesome, this outfit is great like always, I love your sweater!

greetings from