Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Pull&Bear top, turned cropped top. Cheap Monday jeans. Mum's leather weave belt. PedderRed shoes. Accessories from Topshop/thrifted/necklaces worn as bracelets.
DIY leather headband.

With all the big brands reinforcing nostalgia into their FW10 collection, inspired me to do a little something of my own, I am specially attracted to mustard yellow and pairing it with my purple skinny seemed perfect.

I know this is an extremely short post because I haven't been feeling that well lately. Since the beginning of the week, I am down with this vicious stomachache, apparently I ate too much meat for my tiny rabbit stomach to digest. It only started to feel better yesterday and today I woke up with a very angry ulcer on my tongue! Now I can barely swallow my saliva and has difficulty talking. This is a very bad week for me, all the pain is draining my energy. Yup, my tolerance for pain is pretty darn low! Imagine having to fight with excruciating pain for almost 4 days now. Hopefully it'll all go away soon cause I am on the brink of losing it, it's starting to make me very moody and feisty. *Sigh* Hope all you lovers are having a much better week than I am! xxx


mikala said...

great outfit, I love colour, this is amazing!

greetings from

Meg! said...

Oh, girl, I'm sorry you're feeling so ill. I hope you feel better soonly!

I do love the mustard top, though, and it's complimented so perfectly by those jeans. Love!

Mel O said...

Hey Meg! I am feeling very much better... thank you! xxx