Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So, here is my long overdue How-To post and it's also my very first, I hope it's easy to understand *Fingers and toes crossed*, cause dang! It's actually pretty darn hard breaking down everything into a step by step tutorial. So here goes!

ou can use pretty much any square scarf you have, just grab one and have a go at it!
So you start by folding the scarf into half to form a triangle. Then fold the base of triangle to create a 3 to 4 inches band, as shown on the picture to the right. Which later on will be the main part of the turban.

Now wrap the band behind your head, as shown on picture to the left. Remember to place the band on top(visible from behind) and leave the rest of scarf; top triangle hanging downwards.

By holding the longest ends of the scarf and twist the band around the top of your head or wherever suits you best, as shown on picture to the right. Personally I like to have a little knot, therefore, I make two rounds. In order to secure the turban, you'll have to make sure the whole thing is tight and doesn't hang loosely.

Now bring the ends down behind your head and secure it tightly with double knots, as shown above. The reason why I left the rest of the scarf on the bottom, is to use it later on to hide the messy knots. Up to this step, the whole thing is still very movable, so you can still make adjustments to tighten the band by pulling it lower.

Gently bring forward the top of triangle, as shown on the picture to the left and tuck it under the band.

Up to this step,you can still make slight adjustments to the twist to make it bigger or smaller according to how you like it. Then tuck the rest of the scarf underneath the band. After tucking away all the excess scarf, the outcome should look like the picture to the right. Which in my opinion, it's also a nice tighter version of a turban. So for those who likes it small, should just leave it as it is.

Cause after this step, you will have more volume on the top part, like a traditional turban. Over here, the trick is to be slow and gentle, by tugging on the top part of the turban bit by bit, brings up more scarf from behind your head to the top, for volume and folds. You can shape it by hiding away what you don't like under the band.

Voila! There you have it, a turban of your choice, the coolest part is you can wear it big or small and of any color of your choice! Hopefully this tutorial helps! But if it didn't work the first time, give it another go, cause it's actually very simple once you get it.
Now go rock your turban! xxx

P.S. Do leave a comment if some parts are too confusing to understand.


ShouldaWouldaCoulda said...

Oh, how I've been waiting for this! I'm definitely gonna try it and let you know how it turned out!

Mel O said...

Yea...! I know I'm terrible cause I'm such a procrastinator! =P

Well, do show me a picture or something, let me see how it look on ya! xxx