Monday, June 21, 2010


Top, H&M. Shorts, Levi's cut off. Tights, House of Holland. Shoes, Taiwan. Bag, Balenciaga. Shades, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Necklace/tie, use to be mum's. Bracelets, H&M, Shanghai & gift. Belt, use to be mum's - Moschino.

These were taken on my day uno in Singapore. Denim on denim is something I've always wanted to do, well cause it's everywhere.. haha! Don't know why I never gotten around to it till now... It was a rather fruitful trip, I manage to find plenty of cheap stuff. Picked up my JC boots. And may I say kudos to Singaporean's efficiency, they cleaned up orchard really well after the flash flood that happened the day before. Had my first MOS burger(Slow, I know!). Walked so much I came home with blisters on the sole of my foot, which I didn't know was possible. Oh yea, this is the debut of my silver hair! I love it a lot, although now I am attracting very strange stares from passerby but meh! It's my hair...
So what do you think? xxx


maximilian said...

just discovered your blog. You're so cute and chic!! I love it!! also loving the Hair. i was sporting the same platinum blonde. sadly i just recently dyed it brunette.

this look is so bad ass. like shazaaam!!! xoxo

Bub said...

Love this outfit once again - your style is just amazing dear! Sounds like your having fun in Singapore! Denim on denim I've never done (yet), hopefully soon. And MOS burger is so yummy, we have it here in HK.
and lastly, I love your silver hair! Its amazing, cant ever pull off hair like that
follow me?

D e g a i n e said...

Those shoes are amazing, very nice photo's and style


Mel O said...

Thanks, Max! Just checked out your plat blonde do.. It looked great! But yea, it is rather expensive and painful to maintain them... xxx

Bub love, of course I'm following you now! You had me at hello.. hahaha!

Degaine, thanks! This means a lot coming from a stylist! xxx

Hui said...

Ooh!!! Love your hair!