Monday, June 14, 2010


Top, Victoria's Secret. Pants, D&G. Shades, Thigh high & wedges, all from Taiwan. Knee high, NoBrand. Necklaces, random store in KL. Bangles, Tiffancy&Co. H&M. Rings, F21, Kenneth Jay Lane & Shanghai.

Let's talk weather today! Well, the weather is destroying me, it's getting ridiculously hot and humid these days. It's starting to make me do silly things like smacking my BabyMac cause it's loading way too slow and throwing my iPhone cause I just felt like it.
When will the sun cease tormenting us?


Alecto said...

i agree! i love summer and all, but this constant humidity it making me grumpy.

you look fantastic, by the way :-)

Mel O said...

Exactly! I'm glad someone agrees with me and where I live, we have summer through out the year... I can't even wear fur which is uber sad!

kbezona said...

You´re totally awsome, girl!!!!! And blonde suits your style perfectly!!!

Tayler said...

such an awesome blog! you have amazing style!! following <3

Mel O said...

Thanks babes!