Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Very old crochet tunic, Mango. Bra, DIY- A. Wang inspired. Tights, market. Socks, kiddie socks. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell. Rings, Beijing, F21 and Kenneth Jay Lane.

Well, I have had enough of this crazy humid hot weather. Especially when I was in Singapore, I had to do plenty of walking outdoor. Therefore, desperate time calls for desperate measures. So I wore what I think passes of as 'close to topless' but not too much (Atleast for my standard). However, it was Singapore, so I did get a lot of disapproving glares from older women and snarls from girlfriends when their men couldn't stop staring, I know~ vain much! Hahaha. Anyhow, it was totally worth it cause later that day I went to the beer fest, which was extremely crowded and stuffy.
Oh yes, so these are my super awesome Jeffrey Campbell's Clinic, they are finally here! I like how the kiddie socks and grungey bootie compliment each other perfectly. xxx

P.S. I can't help but to notice many other bloggers are also sporting this look too. Summer is really bringing out all the nakedness in people... hahaha!


Bub said...

Oh wow girl you look so good! I love this outfit and your shoes are amazing! Love Jeffrey Campbell! I love it how you wore it with the kiddie socks - so cute!
Who cares about the disapproving looks you'll get - they're just jealous they cant pull off something like that

BY/MC said...

OMG....the shoe is awesome... thumb up....whoots

Alecto said...

i definitely like how you paired the frilly socks with the bada** shoes. something i haven't really seen before :-)

Mel O said...

Bub,hahaha... Yea, that's exactly my thoughts when people gave me disapproving stares! Jealous much? =P

Thanks BY/MC, it was a lot of trouble Trying to get them here.. But definitely worth it...

Alecto.. I find it super fun to pair something unpredictable together... Thanks! xxx

-kenya meon. said...

omg those shoes are killer!