Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Topshop mesh top. Pants from HK. Jeffrey Campbell Clinic. Vintage Bally belt. My current fave thing; Bra from Asos. Rings from Asos/ F21.

These are the very same pant I wore here. Well, I hiked it up and fastened it with a tiny belt, for the paperbag cinched waist. So, thanks to Asos.. I will be living in this ugly bra for a very long time, it's soft satin, with absolutely no support granny bra, how can you say no to that.. and it's the perfect undergarment for mesh pieces, atleast I think so. Finally, all my Asos parcels arrived and they are a tad too large for me. However to my surprise, the quality is pretty alright, so I happily skipped my way down to my reliable tailor and have everything altered to my size. Oh I can't wait to wear them!
Yesterday,I got into a "guys will never understand girls" discussion with my love, it started when I said I have nothing to wear for a friend's wedding, then he gave me a puzzled look and said "but you recently bought plenty of new clothes". Which is exactly the problem, I asked him if he have ever heard of the saying "less is more and more is always less if not none(imo)". So I proceed to explain myself, if someone has only a limited amount of clothing, they won't have to think of what to wear hence always having something to wear. It's because now I have so many new clothes which leads to not knowing which to wear first hence nothing to wear.. Get it?
Haha! I'm sure many of you ladies experienced it at some point in life! I ain't complaining cause having "nothing" to wear is definitely better! xxx


Jennifer said...

this is by far your best outfit post to date! i love it!!
and yes guys will never get us when it comes to our "idk what to wear" crisis we have from time to time.


Zoe said...

I seriously LOVE your blog! It's one of my new favorites!
You have a fantastic sense of style, and you have the most wonderful shoe collection! I'm obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell Clinic wedges...
Definitely following!

Ria said...

GIRL! Not only are these photos awesome this look is SOOOOOOO sick. You look fabulous.