Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Pull & Bear top. DIY leopard print headband. Brother's leather weave belt. H&M shoes. Rings from Asos/F21.

Found this amazing maxi skirt couple of days back, what makes the skirt unbelievable is the amount of fabric on it and the ultra soft & light fabric completes the whole thing, giving it a romantic vintage vibe. Well, knowing me, I bought one too many, so if you are interested, drop me a mail at itsnotalwaysabouthaight@gmail.com.
I apologize for the lack of posts, I'm in over my head with work and pre-Chinese New Year preparation. Can't wait for things to finally get back to the norm.. I desperately needs some daily dose of fashion blogs! xxx


Bub said...

LOVEEEE THIS OUTFIT!!! Especially the skirt!!

One Love,

Isabel Spectre said...

wow! this is so lovely! the skirt is gorgeous, and the headband is great!!


Carla said...

Amazing skirt.:)

Anonymous said...

long skirt is on my summer must have list :) You look fantastic :)
kiss :)

mikala said...

you look perfect! I love this look! beautiful skirt!

greetings from

crystal glamour said...

love your look :)

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Vee said...

you have amazing pictures and style everything so well!!! im following!
ps. your a hidden treasure!

popdisorder said...

Hey pretty girl:)
aI haven't seen you before in blogosphere (haha nerdy word)
but your style is really impressed me,because you have every single piece in your wordrobe that i really love!:)