Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Pull & Bear sweater. Shorts from random vendor in Bali. JC Litas. Shades from Emporio Armani. Glove from KL. Rings from Shanghai/F21/SG.

So, the shorts and shades are two of my new babies from Bali and am I glad to return to the quote saying "Leopard print is the new black"! Hooray to that! It will allow me to lounge around in style with this barely there leopard print silk shorts, recently I've gotten very lazy so this baby is perfect cause they are super soft and light, it's nothing, really! The shades, oh the shades.. I don't need them but they just look so bad, I got them anyway. You might be surprise cause I'll have to say, Bali has some pretty amazing style, me and my sisters agreed that some of the store over there actually carries better clothes with more style than what we have here in KL, which can only mean one thing, shopping spree!! I manage to grab quite a bit for a beach vacation and if you are wondering, no.. They are not cheap cause everything is in USD and most are non-negotiable, but totally worth it..! Can't wait to share them with you! xxx

P.S. And I'm planning to buy more litas... But do I really need more shoes? Argh.. The dilemma!


Bub said...

Seriously all these bloggers with the Litas are teasing me...I want those so badly!!!! I love your outfit dear, loving all the browns


Jennifer said...

yes indeed, leopard print is the new black! you look so chic & edgy lovin this look! :)


mikala said...

you look really awesome! I loove it!

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