Sunday, November 14, 2010


Very old hat - NoBrand. Badges from the market. Sheer American Apparel shirt. H&M denim vest. Mango jeans. LC Lita. Brother's leather weave belt. Rings from F21.

No motivation. No inspiration. Nothing. Naa dah! Now all I seem to do is daydream about Bali or where to go next(Plan is Canada for lobsters with white wine and ice wine or to Toulouse for foie gras, cheese and more wine... Ahhh! Blissful). Alright, lovers.. Time to get back to more daydreams. Have a great Sunday! xxx


Bub said...

Wow i love your shoes and this outfit! Especially that blouse
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mikala said...

you look amazing, beautiful photos!

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pj said...

love the hat! :)