Friday, November 12, 2010


Bride's gown and bridesmaid's dresses, KL designer-Daniel&Leslie.

1)Flower petals leading up to the stage at Villa Mathis

2)Baby Charlie, star of the trip
3)My sister, Michelle the beautiful bride
4)Exchange of rings
5)The newlyweds, Michelle and Thomas
6)My dad holding Baby Charlie. Sante!
7)All four sisters as bridesmaids
9)Family portrait
10)Five of us and the charming groom
11)Ai Leng, AiLi, Ai Peng & myself.
12)People I can't live without
13)Last but not least, our youngest brother Lionel. Note: The veil on him
14)Baby Charlie
15)More flowers

Not the usual fashion related post, but it sure is worth sharing. So, here is the series of pictures as promised. They are all from the big day which everyone has spent sleepless nights building towards. Looking back, it really got me missing our most intoxicating, restless, happy, sometimes angry, hot, hectic 8 days in Bali. I dare say this has got to be the happiest experience of my entire 26 years and it wouldn't have been the same if it weren't for all the great people I met in the trip. Enjoy! xxx

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mikala said...

woow! this was a amazing weeding! all things looks really stunning! it was perfect weeding like in paradise !

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