Friday, November 19, 2010


F21 knitted top. DIY white bandeau bralette. Shoe & legging from Taiwan. Bangles and cuff from Shanghai/thrifted/ gift from brother.

Last night, my love & I went to see Harry Potter 7 pt1, it's becoming a ritual for us to see Harry Potter in Gold Class with some beer and Fish&Chips, every year (except that one time when it got postponed to a later date) we look forward to it! And we agrees that's this is right way to really enjoy a movie. Yup, I'm a big child who loves her Harry Potter more than anything else, well he is more of a LOTR guy but I win. =) and oh my! It scares me to see how much the three of them has grown and Hermione, wow! She is one big extremely beautiful girl now! Seeing them only reminds me of how much older I have gotten, it's sad! Okay, nuff of my sob stories... To everyone who loves HP as much as I do and have yet to see the movie, GO SEE IT! It's SUPERB!! I can't wait for the Pt2! Ciao! xxx

P.S. So I caved and ordered myself another pair of Lita fur in white(Yea... it's furry and white), initally I wanted the black one but it was sold out and I couldn't wait any longer. Also, the white one looks so perfect, hopefully I won't regret it cause I'll have to be very careful with where I step..


Kitschmoog said...

Great style , nice leggings , love the combination ! so cute !

PaperAirplanes said...

Really cute outfit:)
Love your hair!

mikala said...

stunning look, great shoes and leggins! I like this outfit! No, I love all yours outfit! You have great styl!

greetings from