Tuesday, May 25, 2010


These are my failed attempt to replicate Sakura for RumiNeely smokey eye make up, I'm guessing you need to have those double eye lids and big round eyes in order to create that look. But I will definitely try it again!Inspired by this editorial.

Top, stolen from brother-Topman. Blazer, HK. Short, topshop. Socks, Uniqlo. Glasses & wedge, Taiwan. Ring and bracelets, Beijing, thrifted & H&M. Bag, vintage-Bally.

So this is the outfit post I've mentioned before, inspired entirely by an editorial done by ELLE Italia April 2010. However,
as many may know by now I don't really wear flats, so I wore my wedge instead of a brogues. Yes, I need my height. xxx

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