Sunday, May 16, 2010


The following are one of many things that makes me wish that
- I'm richer.
- I live some place else other than this far far corner of the world.
- I have a sugar daddy (or the first).

Jessica Simpson Dany, oh dany..! You are definitely the queen of this 'drool list'. I need you in my life!
Jessica Simpson 'Cawder' Wedge Sandal, I can already see myself wearing this with all my flowy dresses.
Jessica Simpson 'Gody' Sandals, they are on sale. So I have to lust them.
Jessica Simpson 'Heathery' Sandal, yet another one to go with my flowy dresses.
Jessica Simpson 'Junie' Slide, simply because clogs are beautiful and I haven't gotten my hands on a pair yet.
Jessica Simpson 'Vfumm' Wedge, these can be my lazy shoes.
KORS Micheal Kors 'Rare'Sandal, I can just see these fitting in perfectly with the rest of my babies, they are my second fave pair of the bunch!
MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Morgen' Platform Sandal
MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Sycamore' Wedge Sandal with flowy dresses, need I say more?
Steve Madden 'Tuscaan' Sandal, i am a sucker for shiny thing.
Joe's Jeans 'Lou' Wedge Sandal, this is perfect cause it'll give me the height that I desperately need to wear with a long maxi dress which I have yet to find. Yea, a girl can dream.
Vince Camuto 'Dorion' T-Strap Sandal, let's go dancing!

I would like to share with you something strange bout myself, I am the kind of girl who will go online shoe shopping and just keep adding stuff to my shopping bag, and when I am done going through all the killer heels and wedges, it usually sums up to about more or less $1500. Then I will even bother to check out their International Shipping Options and Charges, only to find they don't deliver here then i'll maybe curse a little if I genuinely love some items in my shopping bag. Finally, I will take one long hard look at the whole list then command+Q. It is always so hard to part with stuff that you know will go perfectly well with everything you own. Therefore, Command+Q is the only way to go. Okay, time to go weep a little and everything will be alright. However, the next cycle shall start again very soon when I need something to do to kill time. Have a good weekend. xxx

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