Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Noteworthy: The horse and horseshoe are actually movable. Super Adorable.
Extremely old dress, from Topshop. Skirt, Topshop. Belt, H&M. Two pearl necklace worn as one. Longer necklace, I.T from HK. Socks, Uniqlo. Shoes, Aldo.

This will most probably be my last post before I leave for a week, however if I am able to access internet, I will try to update atleast one post when I'm there for all you fashion hungry visitors(Which i have prepared and tucked aside and I dare say it will by far be one of my fave post). But if I don't, I'm so sorry and just check back in a week. Stay tuned! xoxo


jujubee said...

i love the necklace! and the whole skirt over dress layering effect is really cool! very inventive. :)
i like it cuz you can only see a little of the dress pokin out, very subtle yet well planned. lol good stuff.

Jodi Michael Horner said...

Your photos are great. Who takes them?

Mel O said...

Thanks, Jujubee!

Well, my photographer's my boyfriend, he's an amateur still trying to figure out my best angles.. haha!