Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'd like to share something about this post, SixBites.
This is actually my very first outdoor shoot, so I thought it might be fun to do it at this dump nearby my house. So, not long after we've started, I noticed an itch on my upper thigh, but i chose ignore it, and get back in the mood to finish off the shoot. Then sometime
after the 15th shot, the itching has gotten almost unbearable. So we decided to call it off and went back. When I got home, the itching has gotten to the point that I had to literally rip off my stockings, to find a total of six mosquito bites all over my legs! It was small and incredibly itchy at first, but 2 hours later(and after a lot of scratching), they were big, swollen and red(Ooohh..Those vicious little thing!!). It's already been three days now and they are still red and itchy, therefore, I have decided to name this post after my bites. As a reminder to myself to always use insect repellent if I ever want to do another outdoor shoot. Things one would do for fashion...

After a hot shower and plenty of ointments later, I did more shoots with a gray tank top. A more dressed down version.

Fringed leather waistcoat, Vero Moda. Top, Topman. Shorts, DIY denim cut off - A|X. Stockings and knee high socks, Topshop. Shoes, Aldo. Accessories, RayBan & gold flexible accessory.

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Fazrin said...

rub some cold plain yogurt on the bites and leave on for abt 1/2 an hour(few minutes enough la but u might as well leave it on for as long as its sejuk...) before washing off(or get someone to lick it off, whatever floats ur boat....) then rub some cold condensed or full cream milk on the area and wash off. it will keep ur skin soft.