Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I love how the picture above shows off the bagginess of my pants almost perfectly.

Top, F21. Pants, drop crotch pants from random shop in Spain. Red accessory on pants, part of the top. Glasses, stolen from brother. Shoes, Aldo.

Greeting from Taiwan. So, this is the post that I have mentioned earlier. I'll have to say that this is by far my fave post, cause of all the vibramt colors, if you have been following my blog for a while now, you would have noticed that I'm a sucker for colors. Maybe that explains my obsession with red lipstick(Which I'm sure at this point, most of my viewers have gotten pretty sick of them). Hopefully you guys will enjoy this as much as I did. Alright, time to get back to my day. xoxo


Alecto said...

Never!!! I LOVE bright colors AND red lipstick (and coincidentally, drop crotch pants):-)

Mel O said...

Yea... Honestly, I doubt I will ever get sick of red lipstick too!