Monday, March 8, 2010


I apologize for the terrible quality pictures, blame it on a gloomy Monday which led to bad editing. Perhaps,I'm just lazy.

I just love our old kitchen floor.

Look who came to join me.

Meet my sometimes muse, my sister, Ai Leng.

On me: Top, my 10 years old MickeyMouse tank. Bra, Xixili. Pants, CheapMonday. Shoes, Aldo. Accessories, Chrome Hearts. Hermes. Black diamond bangles. Lips, Clinique Party Red.

On Ai Leng: Top and bottom, Commes des Garcons
. Lips, Clinique Party Red and Dior Addict 757.


Fazrin said...

the pictures kinda make you look taller... or maybe its the pants...

Mel O said...

Which is a good thing, I hope...! =)