Monday, February 21, 2011


Xixili corset. Sass and Bide netted cardigan. Aldo heels. Hat from Taiwan. Stacked chain bracelet from random vendor in KL. Rings from Asos/F21/SG.

Isn't obvious how bad I've been recently? With all the new items added to my wardrobe, it can only mean one thing, I've been shopping! Buying things that my bank and wallet can't afford. *Bonks myself on the noggin* But how can one say no to maxi skirts? Fyi, I've been donning a lot of maxi skirts, so can you imagine how stoked I was when I came face to face with this brocade slightly fishtail maxi skirt. It was love at first sight. They're pretty neat, don't you agree? As for the give away, I've decided to get creative and come up with something completely new, something that can be worn as a headband,necklace or a pants accessory. Wish me luck in pulling this off! xxx

P.S. For those who are interested in this brocade maxi skirt, do drop me an email at cause I bought extras! =)


Jennifer said...

i agree maxi skirts are amazing! how can you say no?! the corset matched w/ the skirt is great you pull off every look so well! work it girl! and good luck on the giveaway!

Joey said...

As always, I love your accessories! I agree maxi skirts are great, but I'm really picky and have yet to find some I really, really like.

Good luck in making that new accessory! x

mikala said...

fablous look!

greetings from

Vee said...

another amazing skirt!