Thursday, February 10, 2011


Pull & Bear leather jacket. Zara top. Shorts from Bali. JC Lita. DIY feather headband. Fingerless glove from KL. Stacked necklaces from HK/TW.

Happy Lunar New Years, lovers!! To those who celebrates, how did you spend yours? I started mine busy with more work(boohoo, I know).. Now I can gladly say, it is finally over and I can just seat back and relax, my much needed rest with booze and lots of Chinese snacks! Yumz! Get ready to see a fatter me in the next post! =) So tonight's a huge night for those who celebrates Pai tian gong, ahh.. Can't wait for that succulent, roasted whole pork! Alright, lover! Gonna catch some shut eyes before tonight! Cheers to a wonderful rabbit year with newer and fresher ideas and inspirations! xxx

P.S. Drop me an email if you are interested in the feather headband, it can be tailored to fit snugly!


Bub said...

You look gorgeous love your JCs and your shorts!

One Love,

Isabel Spectre said...

The feathered headband is awesome!! <3

Joey said...

Cool headband! DIY as well!

Love the whole outift.

Happy CNY!
*new follower*