Monday, May 9, 2011


Topshop cropped top. Vintage shorts. Topshop Wisteria wedge. Asos belt & socks. Necklace from Taiwan & ID - HK. Rings from F21/Asos. My own shades.

Been waiting for the chance to break out this awesome transparent umbrella... They are pretty neat, aren't they. It was a sad rainy morning, so I decided to cheer it up with my new Topshop lipstick(I lost my MAC Monrange, yes I was super upset!) which was surprisingly good, it's not as stark but it's extremely lasting...! My new go to lipsick...
So, yesterday I launched my temporary blogshop, cause making all you lovers wait any longer just seem unfair, however please bear with having to email me for further inquiries, I will fine tune them as soon I can! much love.. xxx

P.S. For those are are interested in these round shades, do drop me an email at for further inquiries. It comes in black and brown... Cheers!


Jennifer said...

cool umbrella & shorts!

Ebony Bolt said...

Lovely look ! Those glasses are amazing too :) The shorts make me happy :) Do you only sell jewelry on your blogshop? Are you going to sell shoes too ?

Catherine Au Jong said...

I love your shoes!


NYane&Mpho said...

this is absolutely stunning! love it!
could you please check out my blog and follow? :)