Saturday, April 2, 2011


Topshop polka top & skirt. Asos belt. Uniqlo socks. H&M brogue. Eclipse floppy hat. Long pearl necklace worn as bracelet from SH. My own vintage round shades.

Enjoying a nice cuppa hot latte whilst leeching internet from Starbucks to update blog! Simply blissful.. Hooray,it's the weekend again! How great would it be if we have longer weekends and shorter weekdays eh. Well sometime last week, I came across this 2 pieces of really old clothing and decided on matching them together, I like how the polka dots look on each other. Pretty interesting huh.. That is why it's good to not throw away old clothes, even when my wardrobe is totally exploding.. Haha! Alright lovers, time to go get myself a Morange lipstick, yes.. yes.. yes.. I finally fell for the orange lip! It's like the cherry on top with
Spring make up! Have an awesome weekend! Ciao! xxx

P.S. For those are are interested in these round shades, do drop me an email at for further inquiries. It comes in black and brown... Cheers!


Sheryl said...

Hi there, just discovered your blog thru lookbook and i love your exude confidence. I am you new follower.

If you have a minute, please check out my blog as well


Kalina said...

great look! I like it!

greetings from

Joey said...

Stylish as always! Loving your floppy hat.
Yes, I, too, wished the weekends were longer sighhh